When a down-and-out millennial celebrity gets a second chance at fame, she’ll stop at nothing to seize the moment. Nothing, not even Alien Toilet Monsters, will stand in her way.

Set amidst a newly discovered, and freshly commercialized multiverse, Zara will have to fight through an exhaustive maze of false promises, lecherous producers, and possibly the end of the world, for the most important reward of all: fame. In a world on the brink of destruction, will she find what she’s looking for? Or is the view from the top just a better angle on the bottom? 



When your world is a 8x8 room of isolation and loneliness, escape becomes priority number one. Andrea, or 4ndr34, has filled the hole in her heart with something special. A group of characters called: THE FCWWT, or The Flying Cockroaches with Werewolf Teeth. 

After years of dreaming, fawning and collecting, It's finally here. Her boy's  have clawed their way up to the top! Starting life as silly mascots for the FCWWT Soda co, they managed to parlay their brand into an animated series in the late noughties, followed by lines of, perfume, jewelry, clothing, XR games, and now, today, at long last, a Feature Film/Holoscene.

It’s thrilling to see the ones you love make good… but deep down, Andr...we mean 4ndr34 knows that, with all the attention, comes the horrors of Hollywood; specifically, their need to “fix” things. Tweaks and twerks of your beloved are the death knoll of any popular franchise. We’ve all seen it before, and the results, aren't pretty...

So, Dre’s mission? To stop anyone and everyone who might damage the FCWWT name, or besmirch the honor of her beloved roaches... She will show no mercy...

And it looks as though Carol Zara might be first on her list.



Everyone will experience a loss at some point in their lifetime. For some of us, it's simply a natural part of life; we grieve, and move on. For others, it consumes, and ultimately defines us.

He knows he's responsible. Something as simple as a five minute vaccine… just five minutes! 

When the cancer finally took “Angel”, time slowed down. Each day grew harder, and life lost its meaning.

Then came the groundbreaking discovery; Proof that we live not in a universe, but, a Multiverse.  Our existence, proven to be but one of an infinite number of possibilities, layered in a crystaline web of worlds. Imagine, the opportunity to explore worlds, exactly like our own, but with subtle differences...hundreds of "multi's" defined by "roads not travelled"... a cornicopia of what ifs, and if only made real... it’s all very appealing, especially the part where you might reconnect with a long lost relative,  friend, or even love.

Tickets cost a fortune, and the technologies untested true, but the larger problem for Frankie remains; how to find the alter of his long lost love, in a multiverse of possibilities, that loves him too?